Business कौनसा करें. जो आगे जाकर बहुत सफल (Successful) हो सकते हैं ?

Kaunsa Business Start Kare. Aapke paas aise kaunse ideas hai jo sucessful business bana sakte hai. Kam Paiso Se Jyada Kamai Wale Business Ideas bataiye. Please share

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    Best Business Ideas with Low or No Investment (Hindi)

    मैं नीचे आपको अलग अलग फिल्ड से जुड़े कई तरह के Ideas दे रहा हूँ, जिन्हें आप अपने हिसाब से कर सकते है| लेकिन उससे पहले आपको यह समझना होगा की बिज़नेस कैसे करते है|

    Online Business

    • Blogging and Publishing
    • Online Freelancing – Data Entry, ContentWriting
    • Web Designing and Coding
    • SEO Experts
    • Amazon, eBay, Flipkart Seller
    • YouTube Video Making
    • eBook Writing and Podcasting
    • Online Tutoring and Consulting
    • Desktop Publishing

    Business Ideas Under Rs. 50000

    • Food Catering Services
    • Lunch Box Delivery Service
    • Distributors and Dealers
    • Laundry Shop
    • Fast Food Joint
    • Restaurant and Food Truck
    • Candle and Soap Making
    • Idol Making
    • Paper Bag Making
    • Pickle and Jam Making
    • English Coaching Academy
    • Cooking Class
    • Acting and Dance School
    • Interior Designer and Decorator
    • Mail Order Business
    • Multi-Level Marketing
    • Stock Marketing and Forex Trading
    • Palm Readers and Astrologers
    • Counseling of All Types


    Business Ideas Under Rs.1,00,000/-

    • Real Estate Agent
    • Indian Sweets and Condiment Shop
    • Aggarbati and Beedi Making
    • A Coffee or Tea House or Other Beverages
    • Pottery
    • Hemming, Tailoring and Stitching & Knitting
    • Weaving and Embroidery, Wedding Dresses
    • Xerox and Book Binding Shop
    • Mobile Phone and Electronic Repair Shop
    • Coaching Center – Tuition, Dance, Martial Arts etc
    • Gun Shooting School
    • Ticket Booking and Reservation Service
    • Cleaning Services
    • Landscaping and Gardening Services
    • Plumbing Services
    • Home Renovation Service
    • Gourmet or Personal Chef
    • Computer Hardware and Software Installation Services
    • Home Grown Organic Farming


    Business Ideas from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000/-

    • Bakery, Condiment and Chocolate Store or Cooking School
    • Provision and Vegetable Store
    • Saw Mill Business
    • Papad Making and Honey Processing
    • Toys Making
    • Beauty Parlor and Makeup, Barber Shop or Salon
    • Store/Boutique for Clothing & Fashion Accessories for Men, Women & Kids
    • School Uniform Store
    • A Bookstore and Stationery Shop
    • Custom Made Festival Gifts
    • A Florist and Flower Delivery Service
    • Gaming Parlors
    • Music and Videos DVD Store
    • A Drug/Pharmacy Store
    • Scrap Store
    • A Driving School
    • Travelling Agency
    • Masonry and Carpentry Service
    • Welding Service
    • Baby Day Care
    • Water Supplying Service
    • Milk Supply Service
    • Cab Services – OLA, Uber etc
    • Auto Repair – Interior & Exterior
    • Air Condition and Other Home Appliance Repair
    • Antique Store
    • Cyber Café
    • Tropical Fish Aquarium Store
    • Welding and Woodworking Business
    • Software Training and Placement Service
    • Advertising and Branding Agencies
    • Traditional Medicine – Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Store
    • Accountant and Tax Consultancy
    • Gym and Fitness Center, Weight Loss Center
    • Event Management – Wedding and Parties


    Business Ideas from Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000/-

    • Processing and Packaging Company
    • Water Purification Plant
    • Car Accessories Store
    • Nursing School
    • Photo Studio and Art Studio
    • Fumigation Services
    • Crematory Services
    • Spy and Security Services
    • Car Pooling Service
    • Trucking Services and Towing Service
    • Leasing Cars Service
    • Used Car and Bike Dealership
    • Packers & Movers or Courier Services
    • Cold Storage Facilities
    • Pathology Lab
    • Glass & Electrical Lights Store
    • HR Recruiter
    • A Call Center
    • A Hardware Store


    Business Ideas Above Rs. 10,00,000/-

    • Start a Vocational School
    • Cricket Coaching Academy
    • Old Age Home
    • Crane and Heavy Lifting Services
    • Transportation Service – City and Interstate
    • Car Parking Service
    • Gas Station or Petrol Pump
    • Party Hall, Marriage Hall etc
    • Charter Flight Service
    • Modular Kitchen, Sofa and Furniture Stores
    • Art and Painting Collection and Auction Business
    • Motel, Inn, Lodge Services
    • Video Conference and Board Room Services
    • Newspaper and Magazine Publishing
    • Farming
    • Building and Construction
    Answered on August 2, 2019.
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